Flornano is a Singapore brand with a strong sense of social responsibility. Based on nature and modern science and technology, it is close to natural ecology to improve human settlements. Working closely with European and Asian cross-border technology research and development scientists, we are developing healthy, convenient, low-carbon, fashionable and environmentally friendly high-tech innovative building materials.


The wisdom of nature gave birth to life, making the planet colorful and full of life, including our own. We need to revere and protect our green planet.

Human Settlement

Healthy and green living environment is the focus of our attention, making up for the yearning for human health and close to nature which is ignored by the rapid development of cities. Don't close the door to nature.
Human beings

Human beings

Nowadays, most of people live in cities and work, communicate and live in reinforced concrete buildings. The heavy and tense life is the rhythm of our success.