Be inspired by nature
Hygienic blind angle

As we all know, there are always places that are not easy to clean, whether in the office or at home. The impact of these health blind corners on the overall health quality is very clear to us, which has become a hidden danger to the health of people living indoors.

In daily life, it is not difficult to find that

Most of the dirty things sink to the ground. There are a lot of harmful substances on the ground. Air purification system alone can not eliminate these harmful substances. The movement of human beings will bring harmful substances into the air, which poses a great threat to human health.

Room air-cleaning 

It is inevitable that there are dead corners when using air flow, so passive air purification mostly can only produce certain purification effect around the equipment. It takes a long time to filter all the indoor air, and it is difficult to produce effect on the purification of the whole indoor environment.

How FLORNANO works
Inspired by nature, we simulate the power of nature and create a new type of sterile floor. Let our living space be closer to hygienic, clean and refreshing nature.
-Just need sunlight or indoor light, Energize Nano TiO2 Particles  on floorbaord surface, Highly reactive TiO2 electron aggresively   combines with pollutants (germs, bacteria, VOCs). 
-Pollutant effectively oxidised (burned), Broken into harmless H2O & CO2 ions making indoor air cleaner and hygienic.
FLORNANO 's solution
We have added 5 new functions to the 10 features of existing products on the market.
kill germs
Disinfection and Sterilization
Photocatalysis process creates strong molecular reaction that naturally oxidises bacterias, grems and organic pollutants without chemical application. 
Smallest Nano Particle(Only2-3nm in size .Effective in killing germs and pollutants up to 99.99% within seconds.
Purifying VOC (Formaldehyde, etc..)
TIO2 electron not only removes bad odour but also purifies harmful VOC and thus improving indoor air quality(IAQ).
Deodorising Effect
The highly reactive TIO2 electrons are release into the air decompose pollutants that let bad odour into odourless hygienic(clean)air.
Release negative ions
Pollutants are oxidized and turned into harmless H2O and CO2 ions, making indoor air cleaner and fresher. 
Non-Toxic Material(Water based coating compliance with green building index(GBI)
Indefinite Lifespan
The properties of Nano tio2 can never be consumed, therefore lifespan of Nano TiO2 is infinite. 24/7 Self-Sustaining (Work relentlessly in a self –sustaining ways as long as there is a lighting source(a.k.a Photocatalysis process)
Authoritative Testing and Authentication
Floor without Flornano Technology
Over time, bacteria grow very quickly.
Floor with Flornano Technology
The effect of killing bacteria and inhibiting bacterial growth is very obvious.
Over time, bacteria grow very quickly.
PSB singapore
TÜV SÜD PSB is accredited under the Singapore Accreditation Council Singapore Laboratory Accreditation (SAC-Singlas) Scheme to ISO/IEC Guide 25 (ISO/IEC 17025) and ISO Guide 65 (ISO/IEC 17065).